Signs Your Company Needs A Confined Space Rescue Plan

Not every field has the need for a confined space rescue plan, but you don't want to find out yours needs one when you have an emergency. A confined space in the workplace is any space where an employee or approved person can fit into the space, there is an entry and exit, and there is not much space to move around in the area.

Jobs in the construction sector or the oil field, for example, often have confined spaces that their workers go in and out of as part of their daily work. Even if you don't have a business in these fields and aren't sure a confined space rescue plan is necessary, it's worth it to have a consultation done to see if it's necessary that you do have this unique safety plan in place.

Here are signs your company needs a confined space rescue plan. Remember: the plan is to show you how you and your employees can stay safe until a confined space rescue services company can come to your aide. Always allow professional rescuers to perform actual confined space rescue.

You have an elevator or fire escape in the building

If you have an elevator or a fire escape in the building, or other small space that your workers use either on the regular or when they're necessary, then it's wise to have a confined space rescue plan in place. Your consulting specialist will give you and your team the tips and tools they need to safely stay calm and take action during these circumstances until a confined space rescue services specialist can come to your aid and rescue you.

You have construction going on in the building

Any time construction is being done on your building, the need for a confined space rescue plan can increase. The construction workers likely have a confined space rescue plan of their own, but your employees can be at risk of falling into a construction site or getting into a situation they cannot get out of on their own, and you want to be prepared for these just-in-case moments. Your consulting specialist can meet with you over the phone, a video chat, or other means of communication to help set up a custom confined space rescue plan for your company's needs.

With luck, you'll never need to actually use any confined space rescue plan; however, having one can potentially save lives. Your consulting agent can help you choose a confined space rescue services company to assist you should you need their help.

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